The Strides of Man

It is the year 2204 CE. After one hundred and eighty years of exploration and colonization Mankind has established a civilization in the stars. Humanity has spread across the Local Cluster out to 35 LY (light years), and explored uncounted stars. This civilization is centered around seven “Garden Worlds”; worlds claimed by the rich and powerful to act as hubs in the flow of goods and people.

The governments of over 2,000 nations and 1,000 corporations cooperate via the oversight of the United Nations Council. On the edge of human space lay many rogue nations and obscure colonies that lurk as a menace to the common people.

As Mankind spread through the stars, so too did the forces that impose Civilization upon chaos. The United Nations Sercurity Corps are the most dominant of these forces. Composed of soldiers, police, doctors, emergency personnel, scientists, and engineers, this massive organization provides security, relief efforts, and military or police actions.

This story chronicles the events of the UNSC “Defiant,” a frigate class light warship on patrol near the of the outlying colonies surrounding garden world Eris/GW-5.

The Strides of Man