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The frigate class warship UNSC Defiant has a reputation as a tough little ship that prides itself and its crew on their excellence and tenacity. As a veteran of countless pirate and rogue vessel skirmishes, the Defiant earns its reputation thoroughly. She has well over 80 kill stripes on the hull: 45 fighter craft, 12 bomber craft, 22 scout class warships, 7 corvette class warships, 11 frigate class warships, and 1 battleship class warship. The running joke is that by the time the ship needs to be scuttled or scrapped she won’t have room for any more kill stripes. (The actual reason for this impressive number is a combination of top of the line equipment, a history of excellent captains and crew, and the poor equipment of pirates).

Her current captain is an intimidating older man of Scandinavian descent named Tynan Dugal. He has been captain of the Defiant for 16 years, passing up many offers of promotion. He claims to not want to have to move out of his favorite cabin.

The Defiant packs non-standard components for a frigate patrol vessel, indicating its usefulness in fending off pirates. It has twin variable linked heavy neutron guns, twin variable linked needle drivers, twin gauss guns, and twin racks of CHE Missile tubes. It has powerful vanadium armor, and the top of the line magnetic deflector fields. Its full statistics are classified to the public, but crew can access them onboard. It is one of the meanest frigates in the Four Fleets, but it is twelve years old.

All in all, the Defiant is a powerful, though often overlooked vessel.

UNSC Defiant

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