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United Nations Security Corps

UNSC Pledge
“I solemnly swear to serve Mankind in thought, in word, and in deed; to defend its citizens, resist its enemies, and champion its justice with the whole of my heart, my strength, and my mind; to forswear all other allegiances; to obey all lawful orders of my superior officers; to uphold the highest ideals of Mankind, and at all times to conduct myself to the credit of the United Nations as its commissioned officer, by witness of, aid from, and faith in the Cause of Peace.”

Form: Military organization
Function: To protect the lawful citizens of member nations, and to provide humanitarian relief.
Leadership: Military naval hierarchy

The United Nations Security Corps was established in the year 2140 to provide security to early colonies in the Sol System. This organization is made up of three branches: The Marine Corps, the Navy, and the Peace Corps.

The Marine Corps are the professional military soldiers of the UNSC. Marines handle formal military actions, police actions, and other situations requiring the use of soldiers or military police. The Marines also handle situations requiring martial law.

The Navy includes the crew, staff, and officers that command the fleets of the UNSC. These men and women are some of the most well trained experts in their fields of expertise; be they pilots, navigators, technicians, officers, or engineers these people are the ones that control the movements and actions of UNSC personnel through the stars.

The Peace Corps are those engineers, scientists, doctors, and emergency personnel that have dedicated themselves to working in the field, laboratory, or the medical wing. They are the people who solve problems encountered by the UNSC. They are the primary givers of humanitarian aid.

The UNSC’s top officer for all three branches is the Grand Admiral of the Navy (Maximillian Raeder), and his council of the four Fleet Admirals (Chester W. Nimitz, William D. Leahy, Ernest J. King, and William F. Halsey). All three branches are under the command of these 5 offices.


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