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“In the beginning, Mankind strived to survive where others cannot. It is engraved in our most basic instincts to expand our horizons unto the end of capability. Certain discoveries have made this possible: fire, language, wheels, weapons, laws, machines, splitting the atom, temporal gravitation.”
“Now we have discovered the next piece of our great endless chain! Faster than Light travel! Humanity has taken its next step toward our Manifest Destiny to seed the stars with civilization. Already a great fleet, which you can see behind me, is being loaded for our first voyages beyond the scope of limitations!”
“We are humanity and we cannot be stopped!”

~UN President Liam Goodkind
Address to Member Nations
March 17th, 2110

At the end of the 21st century, Mankind discovered the technology to travel the stars, and thirty years later the first colony ships were completed. First, the solar system was settled extensively. Then after only two decades spent zipping around our own system, we journeyed to others. By the year 2200, the Local Cluster was the center of a burgeoning civilization.

At the heart of this civilization was Earth. After the mass exodus of billions to the stars only the entrenched and the wealthy remained, accounting for just over three billion. Conservation efforts began to turn back the stain of abuse on Earth, and before long Earth was a beautiful garden world. Cities were demolished and were replaced by reclaimed nature, interrupted by sprawling homesteads, communities, and corporate headquarters.

Colonies set up industry on these settled worlds. Few of these worlds were habitable by human life, so humans usually built habitats. A few scattered worlds were terraformed by large corporations, but for the most part humanity lived as best they could. But a select few other worlds were also green and verdant. These became mercantile and bread basket worlds, and like hubs on a server they served as important centers of commerce and trade.

As humanity expanded outward, a number of central powers emerged. The United Nations began to serve as an administration over various governments and corporations. Eventually, member nations began using the UN to create nations on other worlds as a kind of mentor system, where a world will model after one nation until it becomes large enough to gain a seat on the UN council.
Some worlds however, primarily ones far from a garden world, decline membership in the UN. These nations and planets run the gamut from idealistic to despotism. Most are unmapped, and usually they are places of crime and corruption.

Over the decades there had been wars, but never anything full scale. No civil wars, no unpunished genocides, no planets seceding from the UN. To ensure peace in this blossoming new era, the UN established an extensive corps of military police, soldiers, technicians, scientists, and doctors. These men and women are the protectors of human civilization.

They are called The United Nations Security Corps.

The Story

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