The Garden Worlds

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The Seven Garden Worlds

Earth (Sol System) – Original homeworld of Mankind. The planet is in the middle of a verdant warm cycle, and the planet is recovering from man’s abuse of it. It is the exclusive center of the new definition of civilization, and home to the wealthy and entrenched populations. One must obtain special permission to dock on the orbital platforms around the planet, and be subject to rigorous decontamination for a month before going to the planet’s surface. There is to be no alien organism allowed on the planet’s surface. All of the top 50 corporations have their headquarters here along with representatives of all of the UN member nations and corporations. This is also the headquarters for the UN itself. Earth is where all the lines of human civilization meet.

GW-1/ Orion (Orionis system) – The world of Orion was the first garden world discovered. It is a world of beaches and sandy deserts rich with wildlife. The defining features of Orion are the oceans, which are a rich green color under the light of the more yellow star Orionis Prime (prime refers to the system’s star), and are full to bursting with plant and animal life. Orion’s primary imports are spices, metals, and food stuffs; its primary exports are refined metals, electronics, and ships. Orion has the most and the largest shipyards of any world. [TRAVEL ADVISORY: Because of the large number of ships in transit around Orion all FTL jumps to and from the planet MUST be made into designated safe zones to avoid FTL collisions.]

GW-2/ Eisvogel (Tau Ceti system) [german for icebird] – Eisvogel is one of the colder worlds that has been colonized, but it is a veritable paradise. Beautiful silver-based flora and fauna inhabit this world’s wilds. Eisvogel is a popular vacation spot for younger people because of its limited living space on the mountainous surface. Exterior temperatures hover around 40 degrees Fahrenheit year round at the equator. Primary Imports: food stuffs and chemicals. Primary Exports: rare metals and rare stones/gems.

GW-3/ Yue Guang (Procyon system) [chinese for moonlight] – Yue Guang is a bioluminescent “night-world.” Eternally shrouded in darkness by a large asteroid belt between it and Procyon Prime, Yue Guang is made habitable by heat rising from its exceptionally hot core. However, the mobile bioluminescent plant life of the planet ensures that most settlements are elevated on mountain sides. Primary Imports: metals, construction materials, and farming equipment. Primary Exports: food stuffs, medicines, and chemicals.

GW-4/ Gerrano (Alpha Centauri system) – Gerrano is a small world with very high density, giving it roughly equal gravity to Earth at almost a quarter the size. Gerrano is the most densely populated garden world. It is mostly city that now covers the once empty surface of the small planet. Day/Night cycles last only two hours each. Gerrano is a city of business and markets. Gerrano, it is said, has at least one of everything. Primary Imports: Food stuffs, electronics, and construction materials. Primary Exports: Electronics, entertainment, luxuries.

GW-5/ Eris (Eridani system) – Of all the garden worlds, Eris is the most unsafe. It is a wild jungle planet of massive size and low gravity. This means massive creatures. The Eris system is the home to the only known species of vacuum dwelling animals. Eris is a harvester world, where everything grows in abundance. Primary Imports: weapons, vehicles, and technology. Primary Exports: foodstuffs, medicine, woods.

GW-6/ Pegasus (Pegasi system) – Pegasus is the most distant garden world from Earth. It is a former industrial world that was discovered to have a rich underground ecosystem based around massive fault lines. It is now a massive trade center for the edge of settled space. Pegasus is the most recently settled garden world, only twenty years old. Pegasus has no dominant imports or exports; everything finds its way through Pegasus. [TRAVEL ADVISORY: Pirate activity around Pegasus has made the outlying systems around Pegasus dangerous to travel unprotected.]

The Garden Worlds

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