Character Creation

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Here are the rules for building a character:

  1. Human only, there are no other known sentient species.
  2. Books allowed: Core Rulebook, Weapons Locker, d20 Future, d20 Future Tech, d20 Cyberscape.
  3. Tech Level 6 (strictly enforced) [NOTE: Ballistic weapons are more common than energy weapons]
  4. Starting Level 4
  5. Abilities are by Planned Generation of page 15 of the Core Rulebook. You have 32 points.
  6. Roll wealth as normal, with no additional checks for 2nd – 4th level.
  7. Max HP at 1st level.
  8. Starting Occupation recommendations (Your choice does not have to be one of the following, but after reading the setup if there is another choice you wish to pursue ensure that your backstory reflects how your character ended up in the current situation.)
    • Academic
    • Adventurer
    • Doctor
    • Law Enforcement
    • Military
    • Technician
    • Transporter
  9. Must have a google docs character sheet shared with me at
    • When you join send an email to me and I will send you the link to the template I wish used.
  10. Must have a backstory of significant detail to describe the character.
  11. Must be willing to have fun.

Other Character Elements

  • You can be a Marine, an enlisted Naval Officer, a Naval Officer, a Peace Corps Operative, or a civilian on the UNSC Defiant (in the last case I will help you determine a reason to be on the ship).
    • Starting Ranks (and usual starting occupation)
      • Marine: Corporal (military or law enforcement)
      • Navy Enlisted: Petty Officer 3rd Class (technician, transporter, or military)
      • Navy Officer: Lieutenant (technician, military, or academic)
      • Peace Corps: Lieutenant (doctor, emergency services, transporter, or technician)
      • Civilian: None (any)

Character Creation

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