Tynan Dugal

Captain of the UNSC Defiant


This man is as grizzled as they come. He has had a shoulder, six fingers, an ear, and a kidney cybernetically relaced as a result of surviving a space ship detonation. He is tall and broad, and has red-blonde hair and green-grey eyes. He has a piercing gaze and a stern expression. He is also probably the most intimidating man any of you have met.


Capt. Tynan Dugal is a private man, and not given to much emotion. He runs one of the best crews in the Four Fleets, though not the tightest. He encourages competition among his crew and Marines. His greatest accomplishment is taking the Defiant against an entire pirate battlegroup consisting of 16 fighter-craft, 6 scout class vessels, and a battleship class heavy vessel…alone. By the time UNSC reinforcements arrived the Defiant was in the final stages of destroying the battleship.

He is however, slowing down. He will not admit it, but he is waning. He knows that soon enough he will be forced to give up the Defiant to another Captain. Captain Dugal however intends to run his race to the end. He makes this most clear in his willingness to blow pirates to vacuum with little chance to retaliate.

Tynan Dugal

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